Special Event at the 9th DbI European Conference
Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, at 17:30-19:00

The small world of Machteld Cossee

Usher Syndrome: slowly become deafblind

Hetty Nietsch, director, and Lisa Bom, camerawoman, have followed Machteld and her family for 5 years. They made a uniquely documentary about the daily routine of a family with Usher Syndrome. It is shown on the Dutch Film Festival 2015 and on the Dutch television at prime time.

The group of film makers made it painfully clear that her life was getting darker and darker.

It’s not easy to explain the effects of a progressive syndrome without seeing what you have to give up, what sort of normal things you have to say farewell to.

You can now watch this documentary and afterwards you can have a talk with Machteld Cossee. This is a one-time opportunity to watch this movie together with Machteld.
The documentary is in Dutch with English subtitles.

W1 - Det lille teater

Place: W1 / Det lille Teater (1st floor)