DbI Research Network Meeting

September 7, 2017 in Aalborg

Moderators: Saskia Damen, Jude Nicholas & Hans-Erik Frölander

15.30 Welcome, getting to know each other

15.45-16.00 Overview of research presented during the conference

16.00-16.45 Discussion about the following topics in groups & plenary:

  • How to validly and reliably measure behaviors in this target group?
  • How to deal with the small size of the target group and its heterogeneity?
  • How could we collaborate more internationally in research?
  • How can we create impact: both scientific and in society?
  • How can we ensure that research findings are implemented?
  • What would be important topics to address in future studies (what is lacking)?
  • Any other business…

16.45-17.00 Poster session

There will be a few poster boards in the room for those of you wanting to share
their research in a poster format. Please mail s.damen@rug.nl if you want to bring a poster,
and be aware that there is limited capacity.