DbI Outdoor Network

September 7, 2017 in Aalborg

Network day outline
During the network day at the conference in Aalborg the Outdoor Network will have a short welcome and introduction to the network and its aims followed by five short presentations

  • Amanda Buijs, from The Netherlands (Kentalis)
  • Lauren Lieberman, from The United States of America (Camp Abilities)
  • Ingrid Korenstra, from The Netherlands (Bartiméus)
  • Gary Daly, from Australia (Able Australia)
  • Miguel Olio & Joe Gibson, from Brazil & Norway (Sailing Sense & Skådalen Skole for Døvblindfødte)

Four of the presentations will be about activity programs from the respective countries and the fifth (if there is time) about introducing “difficult” activities

Room: W5 /Latinerstuen