DbI Acquired Deafblindness Network Meeting

September 7, 2017 in Aalborg, 15.30-17.00pm

If you are a person with Acquired Deafblindness, a professional in the field or are interested in Acquired Deafblindness, we would love to meet you at the Network meeting.

We have 2 great speakers, Scott Davert, who is going to talk about his work with software and product developers, as well as the challenges and successes in his professional life.

Then we have Peter Simcock, who is the Senior lecturer in Social Work at the University of Staffordshire (UK). Peter has a background in Deafblind work and now uses that to ensure that Deafblindness is firmly rooted in the Social Work Curriculum for his students. He want to share this experience and discuss what happens in other countries.

Then the co-ordinating group of AdbN will explain the challenges facing the network right now and ask for your thoughts and ideas.

Chair: Liz Duncan

Room: W3 / Musiksalen