Abstract No. 1.2

Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 12:00-12:45

Title: Come on!
Meaningful rehabilitation for people with acquired deafblindness

Presenter: Kirsten Washuus, CFD, Denmark
Co-presenters: Else Marie Jensen

Main focus: Mainly practice, Acquired deafblindness
Abstract: CFD is the largest provider in Denmark of services for deaf, deafblind and
hearing impaired people. From October 2015 and to March 2018 we are running a project
for People with acquired deafblindness called “Come On!”. We will have two courses for
people between 25 – 65 years with acquired deafblindness. The first course will be with
Danish as our language supported by loop, writing- or sign interpreter. The second course
will be in Danish sign language. We have now finished the first course and in September
2017 we will have finished the second course.

The goal is to strengthen the participant’s possibility to develop and strengthen own
recognition in the life adjustment by ensuring:
• Improved knowledge about hearing and sight impairment and what acquired
deafblindness could mean in life.
• Support in processing a demanding life adjustment
• Be part of finding the right assistive technology and support
• To acquire various coping strategies.

The participants’ will be visiting the following houses:
• AV – house
In this house you will find all about hearing, vision, assistive technology, and you’ll
beging working with you self. Take a look on your life and be avere of the situation you
are in, and what it means for you and your family.
• Energy- house
In this house we will talk about how you can protect yourself, by recognize the lack of
energy during a day, and how you can use ex mindfulness to get a balanced life, despite
living with acquired deafblindness.
• Network –house
Here we will have a look at the communication in the family and other networks in the
participants lives. We will talk about networking, how it can be one of the vays to cope
with deafblindness.
We will together with the family, professionals in the acquired deafblindness area and a
psychologist create- suitable houses for the rehabilitations program.